Power Conditioning System


Voltage Regulation

Improves and stabilizes the 3 phase voltage supplied to the load, creating energy savings, improved production and uptime, and increased equipment life.

Three-Phase Current Equalization

Real-time reduction of phase current and balancing of load over the three phases, based on X/R and Z, thereby reducing negative voltage sequence and circulating currents, resulting in energy savings and reduced equipment maintenance and failure.

Transient Voltage Surge Suppression (TVSS)

Shields against an infinite number of surges, transients, and spikes, guarding your investment in plant equipment, while maintaining uptime.

Broadband Harmonics Mitigation

Filters broadband harmonics, resulting in increased equipment longevity while proportionally reducing the effects of harmonics on electrical consumption. The system recovers energy used to produce the harmonic distortion in the first place, utilizing proprietary zig-zag reactor technology.

Power Factor Optimization

Optimizes plant power factor to a nominal .95 or higher, using less capacitive reactance than a standard capacitor bank, but without any deleterious capacitor side effects. Eliminates PF penalties.

kVA Capacity Recovery

Effectively reduces all three components of power in a balanced form. Reduces Apparent Power (kVA), Real Power (kW), and Reactive Power (kVAR), allowing loads to be added without increasing the size of transformer(s), switchgear or feed cabling.

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