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Who are We?

PQ2 is an organization dedicated to providing innovative power quality solutions to industrial and commercial customers. PQ2 provides a custom tailored solution to address all of the anomalies generated by poor power quality. It is a privately held corporation with headquarters in Ontario, Canada. PQ2 operates in North America, serving Canada and the U.S.A. PQ2's principals have over 30 years of history in the industry, providing customers with first hand expertise and a common sense, practical approach. As well, the principals have a combined 87 years of experience in the electrical arena, and so are well placed to understand all manner of electrical issues and anomalies.

PQ2 understands electrical usage and conservation, delivering quality, North American built, systems with excellent customer service. It builds a collaborative approach with customers to understand fundamentals and tailor solutions to meet their needs. PQ2 improves performance, reduces electrical wastage and improves reliability, generally providing Internal Rates of Return (IRR) of over 30% over a 25 year period.

PQ2's principals are committed to providing customers with a superior product supported by superior service. It rigorously reviews details, allowing it to provide comprehensive results.

Our Approach

Investigate - Review customers current situation to determine if they will benefit from our power conditioning solution. Determine if the customer has power quality related production issues leading to wasted energy, costly downtime and maintenance.

Measure - Gather real time electrical load data (V, I, PF, Hr, kVA, kVAr, Kw) at the main electrical distribution and compare it to empirical billing data from the past year.

Report - Provide a comprehensive, detailed report indicating key metrics to the customer; current situation; cost/benefit analysis and guaranteed savings/ROI.

Design - Design a custom system for the facility that will mitigate the key anomalies, based on actual load characteristics measured.

Build - Build the system to CSA standards using quality, time tested components.

Verify - Measure and verify the system performance compared to the guarantee - report these findings to the customer .

Maintain - Ensure the performance of the system continues for many years with annual inspections and regular maintenance by PQ2s team of skilled technicians

PQ2 takes a holistic view of power quality in customers' facilities. When this process is fully utilized, PQ2 actually partners with customers in a way that directly impacts their processes and bottom line. Through ongoing involvement with a customer's systems, i.e. annual inspections and maintenance agreements, PQ2 can partner with them for up to 25 years, which is the approximate life expectancy of the equipment.

How PQ2 Works

PQ2 is an energy saving and power conditioning system. PQ2 is an integrated system consisting of multi-LRC tank circuits. When operating in Auto mode, it utilizes a digital regulator to sample electrical parameters such as Voltage, Current, Power Factor, and Harmonics. Then, based on predetermined parameters unique to each facility, the PQ2 regulator then activates appropriate internal stages in ladder logic response until the preset values are reached. PQ2 is equipped with a unique Self Diagnostic Feature (SDF) which identifies component status/ failure on a both per phase and per stage basis. PQ2 is assembled using the highest quality and industrial grade components and parts available. PQ2 is extremely reliable and virtually maintenance-free, with a 25 year life expectancy.

Our Team

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