Power Conditioning System

Serge Poirier

Serge Poirier is one of the world's most experienced builders of power quality/power conditioning technology systems. A licensed Construction and Maintenance Electrician, he was first certified as an Electrician in the Province of Quebec, Canada in 1971. He started his career in Montreal (Noel Romeo Inc.) as a journeyman electrician but later took on more senior positions, becoming a Project Manger at the GM (General Motors) Plant in Montreal (employed with Vinette Electrix Inc.). After four years in electrical project management he left to become an instructor with the Milles Iles Scholastic Commission in electricity, leaving there in 1983 to start his own electrical service and contracting business.

While on course training and attending a technical conference in the USA in 1990, he was introduced to power quality equipment technology and he was introduced to the inventor of ElectroFlow technology, a university professor at the university of Missouri; this lead to research and assessment and to Serge Poirier negotiating and purchasing exclusive license rights for Quebec and parts of eastern Canada.

He spent time working with and training in the US in power quality equipment and power quality management with the university team which first developed the systems. He received special instruction in measurement, installation and calibration of ElectroFlow power conditioning systems. He ranks himself "a worldwide expert" in these disciplines. His international experience has taken him to more than 25 industrialized countries in the course of designing, building, installing and servicing power conditioning systems, including UK, Russia, Korea, Germany, Mexico and Australia.

Serge founded ElectroFlow Inc. in 1991, in Laval, Qc, becoming Technical Director. Over a 20 year period, 1991 to 2011, Serge designed and built hundreds of major power conditioning systems of increasing complexity. Clients included Nestle (~21 plants) JCI (6 plants) McCain Foods (plants world-wide including the world's largest potato processing plant in Burley, Idaho, USA) Molson Breweries (5 plants), Danone Yogurt, and Honda. Serge eventually sold his interest.

Serge left his former company and is now working at PQ2 Solutions Inc. since its inception. Serge has assisted with technical preparation and preparing specifications for innovations and improvements to the systems he has been building since 1991.